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Luxury hotels in Apulia

How to define Puglia? Land of art and culture, of tradition and spirituality, of natural beauty, land of gastronomy!

You won’t believe your eyes. You will find enchanted landscapes surrounding historic towns and cities of art. Romanesque and Baroque cathedrals and monuments frame town squares as they stand placidly in the shade of majestic castles and noble palaces.

In Apulia, places of worship cherish memories of miracles and legends, with a thousand years of history that exude from the walls of cathedrals, churches, and sanctuaries, all treasure troves of art as well as shelters for the soul.

Let yourself daydream in Puglia surrounded by beautiful landscapes and immersed in the colors and scents of the seaside, Mediterranean scrubland, centuries-old olive groves, and oak forests as they whisper their secret stories to the sun.

And the party goes on at the table in Puglia. A true triumph of Mediterranean flavors. From the Gargano to the Salento, delight your palate with the authentic tastes that make Puglia’s food and wine so unique.

And last, fall in love with Puglia’s Sea. Enjoy lulling clear waters with an 860 km (540 miles) coastline of golden beaches and breathtaking cliffs. From the Adriatic to the Ionian, follow the Apulian seas from the paradise of the Tremiti Islands to the sun-kissed shores of Bari and Brindisi, all the way down to the picture-perfect landscapes of the Salento and the Ionic Arco (the stretch of Ionian coastline between the Murgia and Salento).

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