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Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya is one of the world's most popular destinations, where to find amazing beaches, nightlife and fantastic cultural attractions with the Mayan or Aztec archaeological sites. Discover the charme of Mexico with its tradition, culture and the lush nature! Mexico offers all what you need for an unforgettable holiday. And we discovered exeptional seafront luxury villas and hotels with excellent service. 


Explore the ancient with Chichen Itza, Uxmal, and all the other sites carrying to the past to relive that magic atmosphere. Enjoy the beauty of the Yucatan Peninsula and the Caribbean coast, relax on the stunning tropical white sandy beaches, experience the world class diving and snorkeling spots or indulge in a spa treatment. Mexico .... you will be extremely touched!    


The Mayan Civilization was the birthplace of astronomy and agriculture's great discoveries and technological advances. But its elites also were singularly exquisite in their lifestyles. Mayan architecture astonishes with its excellent combination of the jungle's exuberance. Explore amazing ancient traces in Tulum and Cobá guided by the new generation of the Riviera Maya.


After the swing, the coup draws an ephemeral bow while the ball cuts the wind from the shining sea into the jungle. The golfer looks up overseeing the throw while enjoying the flight of a tropical bird. Each Riviera Maya green is a kind concession of wild nature, and every game is a truce between adventure and relaxation that challenges the senses. 


Here, colors impose themselves in every route. Reefs, mangrove swamps, jungles, beaches. Wherever green densifies you cannot walk, but climb. Wherever blue deepens, you won't swim but dive. Hikers become explorers amongst places full of wildflowers and animals. Trees keep safe water gems— small and enormous cenotes like liquid surprises among the thick trunks, branches, and rocks. Nature is protected here with intense conviction, that spring and summer suns purify at noon. And the fresh and transparent sea always offers the rest needed after big adventures.


Mexican food does not require a particular stage to be amazing. Its ingredients express flavors' mixed origins. Pepper and olive oil. Saffron and vanilla. Chocolate and cream. But in the Riviera Maya every table is paradise's extension. A glance to the Caribbean Sea or the Mayan Jungle seasons every bite. From breakfast to dinner, every meal can open a door for taste and view adventures. Here, there is a wide variety of restaurants that offer traditional local food to prestigious chefs' highest gourmet cuisine.

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