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Luxury Villa-Resorts in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a tinny paradise island close to the coast line of Tanzania. Zanzibar is a brand for white sugar sandy beaches with turquoise sea. A home of relaxed beach life and tranquil fishing villages. The great idea ist o combine your Zanzibar stay with another Asian destination, for example an ideal mix is a busy Asian metorpole with all it´s wonders for few days, followed by relaxed beach holiday in Zanzibar.

The little island accommodates fine resorts and hotels. On the north is Nungwi with banana palms, mangroves and coconut trees. Nungwi is the capital of dhow building. Here you can also find traditional craftsmen at work.

On the west and east costs are treasury beaches with stretches of beautiful white sands. Around Zanzibar are several offshore islands, which are great destinations for a day trip. Our five star resorts offer outstanding service, spas, great food, sports on land and water, kids clubs, beach bars and always pleasant climate. If you plant to escape to Zanzibar, here is nothing else to do, only relax!

If you still have some days off, worthy to extend your holiday in Tanzania, where you can feel the African spirit. Fantastic experience offer this country with national parks, safaris and the african country side. Warm hospitality and great service awaiting you.

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