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Barbados Villas - Art of fine living

Barbados is the preferred vacation destination for generations of A-list celebrities from all walks of life and ranked in No1 in the Caribbean for the greatest percentage of repeat visitors. Thanks to a year round climate of near perfect weather conditions, salubrious natural environment and a safe, tolerant and harmonious society, Barbados has became one of the world´s most aspirational destinations. 



Zooming along in a safari jeep through forest trails, ziplining over the tree tops of a gully, careening across the seacliffs on a segway, flying over the island in a Microlight aircraft, meandering through 4 tropical gardens, walking with the monkeys, swimming in sea caves that open out to the Atlantic ocean, roaming around working potteries, clambering along underground streams, driving through vast stalactite filled caves, sampling rum in a refinery or exploring the cockpit of a supersonic aircraft - sounds like a fun? There´s all that, and so much more to do, in the small island of Barbados.


One of the greatest attractions of Barbados is the wonderful variety of food on offer. This is very evident when considering the incredible range and diversity of restaurants and dining options available on the island - the Dining Capital of the Caribbean. Barbados has been blessed with a rich culinary heritage has been fashioned over the centuries by influences of Amerindians, Africans, Europeans and Asians. But Bajans love not only eat - also love to party. Barbados if fun! Rum and Dance all year round.Wide range of high quality nightclubs, bars, reggae clubs, rum shops dinner shows and great liming sports. Dont miss it!



Bajans are a creative people who love to enjoy a life accompained by wonderful music. Open air music events are put on throughout the year and have an incredible vibe including the Naniki Caribbean Jazz Safari, Holders Season of Opera, Corp Cover and the Reggae Festival. There are countless wonderful art galleries across the island with a vast selection of stunning work - both international and local. Homes in Barbados are always filled with a suprising collection of original art. Great presentation you will see in our collection of beautiful luxury villas for rent. 


Duty free shopping in Barbados is exempt of both import duties and VAT, making purchases 25-30% less expensive. With flagship stores for names like Louis Vuitton and Cartier it is a great opportunity to take advantage of the over the counter duty free shopping in chic and comfortable shopping centers like the Limegrove LIfestyle Center on the glitzy west coast. 

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