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Terms & Conditions

General terms and conditions of intermediation

These general terms and conditions regulate the mediation contract relations between Your Escape Ltd (in the following only "Company" called) and the customer (in the following only “Client” called. The company mediates for single suppliers, as for example hoteliers, villa owners and comparable businesses (in the following only "Supplier" called) by their order accommodation rental contracts and further travel services. On this occasion, the company acts exclusively as a mediator and does not create complex products in ist own organisation according the European Packaging Regulation. Furthermore, the company does not provide other mediated services in its own organisation. The company closes the accommodation rental contracts in the name and on behalf of the owner/supplier. On this occasion the company is authorized to handle with entire confirmations, documentations regarding the accommodation and the rental agreement or service supliers confirmation, as well as to receive payments. The company is responsible for a proper realization of the mediation of accommodation or other services. The performance of the provided achievements does not belong to the proper realization of the mediation contract. On the accommodation contracts between client and suppliers the respective arrangements of the single suppliers – as their Terms and Conditions and prospect materials – will be applied. These arrangements do not show own guarantee of the company.


Mediation contract

The client can book in written form, verbally, by e-mail, by fax or on-line the selected rental property. The binding reservation (booking) requires a written note by the customer (by letter, e-mail or fax) to the agent and a written confirmation by the agent to supplier (booking confirmation/invoice). The electronic acknowledgement of receipt of the booking still does not show final confirmation of the acceptance of the reservation order. The booking confirmation/invoice will be affected within 7 days after the receipt of the booking. During that time the client is bonded to his offer. In addition to this Terms and Conditions the company will send with the booking confirmation also the Intermediary Contract with specific dates and conditions to the booked accommodation. The rental agreement will not be effective until the remittance of the booking confirmation/invoice. We reserve the right to correct evident mistakes, e.g., on the basis of misprints and arithmetic mistakes on the Internet. We accept client wishes with reservation with pleasure and forward this to the suppliers. Please, note, however, that the company cannot take over any guarantee for their fulfillment. Special wishes as well as reservations under special condition or verbal additional agreements are valid only if they are confirmed by the company in written form.


Payment policy

A deposit of 50% of the total rental is payable within 5 days of the booking confirmation. The balance of the rental must be delivered to the company no later than 80 days prior the start of the rental. In individual cases, according to accounting information of the respective supplier, other payment dates can be admitted as well. When paying with credit card, PayPal or with the debit procedure the debits will also take place after given conditions. With reservations within 80 days prior start of the rental, the total rental price is payable immediately. The arrival and key delivery information will be sent to the client on time before the journey. If you do not perform deposit and/or balance payment according to the agreed payment terms, the company/supplier is entitled - after reminder with new payment deadline -  to terminate your rental contract along the cancellation costs according to these mediation terms.


Cancellation of the booking by the client

The client can at any time cancel his booking before start of the rental. In the client’s interest, the cancellation should be declared in writing. The decisive date of cancellation is the receipt of the cancellation at the agent as the landlord’s representative. The amount generally bases on the amount of the entire rental price and can be claimed as lump sum. The calculation of the compensation usually takes into consideration saved expenses and other applications.

·       up to 61 days before start of rental 50%

·       from 60 to 30 days before start of rental 70% of the rental price

·       from 29 to 1 days before start of rental 100% of the rental price

In case of no show the total amount of the rental price will be charged. In individual cases, according to the booking confirmation can be applied different cancellation fees.


Cancellation of the booking by the Company
The Company has the right to cancel the booking under following circumstances: 
-  at any time in case of Force Majeure

- in case the Client has failed to pay the full balance of the rental price in accordance with the Rental Contract and this Terms and Conditions

- in case of emergency personal reasons of the owner/supplier

In case of cancellation by the Company, the Company will provide similar alternatives in the same price category and quality standard. Is the alternative not acceptable for the client, the client has the right to widrow from the booking. In this case will all payments refund  from the Company to the Client.


Limitation and restrictions of liability

Contractual warranty claims of the client against the company shall be time barred after the expiry of one year. The limitation of time starts the day of the contractually designated end of rental. This does not apply to claims for damages resulting from the violation of life, body or health due to negligent or intended breach of duty of the company. The client is obliged to assert his contractual warranty claims against the company within one month after the contractual designated end of rental. This does not apply to claims for damages resulting from the violation of life, body or health due to negligent or intended breach of duty of the company. The liability of the company for contractual claims for damages, excepting bodily harm, is limited to the triple rental price, as far as the damage caused by the client is effected neither with intent, nor grossly negligent. The company does not stick for the things introduced in the rent objects of the customer. The company cannot be held responsible for damages to the rental property.


Intellectual Property
Your Escape is a trademark. All contents in its website or in related websites of the Company are the rights of the Company. It is prohibited from reproducing any of the information, pages, photos or other contents in the site or in the dedicated for commercial purposes without prior written permission being obtained from the Company.


Governing Law
This Terms & Conditions are governed by the Laws of England & Wales & any d ispute will be subject to the Courts of England & Wales.


Severability Clause 
The invalidity or unenforceability of any provisions of this Agreement shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision of this Agreement, which shall remain in full force and effect.


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